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medicare to kill off anybody white over 65. he is on a governing for one class in this country. i will tell you something. i have a daughter that is a nurse and the illegals don't use emergency rooms for minor stuff. i am not arguing with her a major problem. losing our rights and we are losing our benefits because of them. independent caller: caller: this president particular having such a difficult time byause a conspiracy republicans to make sure he had no second term, that his first term was horrible. you have to expect the craziness that is going on. i must say, as far as the health thing and this poor president, anybody ever think about sabotage? we are talking outside contractors. member edward snowden? and they genius people can't get this right? there is something very wrong. somebody needs to look deeper into what is going on at not just throw out a bunch of -- oh, obama's horrible. obama is wonderful. but because certain people do want him to succeed, no matter how great his ideas are, they're going to knock them. it is very sad what is going on in this country. we are supposed t
. they were going to drop him after two years. his medicare kicked in. this is what insurance companies are doing. .hey have done it for years your premiums go up with this old plan. this man is trying to make it affordable for us and for everyone. it is going to work. try toce companies sabotage what this man has done. host: thank you for calling in. harry is in pittsburgh, a republican. remarks.wo quick obamacare,this with they have proven themselves to be liars and idiots. call ando make a phone i cannot even get through. my insurance is going to go up if i can get it. liable did yesterday is to throw me right off of insurance. these people are calling in saying i wonderful -- how wonderful it is. he makes nixon look like abraham lincoln and he makes jimmy carter look like a brain surgeon. host: quite a conversation going on on facebook. harold says, too late. this is the biggest mess america has ever been in. wagesays, i make minimum and the government wants me to for a0 seven dollars broken plan. this is craziness. -- $147 for a broken clan. christian says, hindsight is 20- 20. it
medicare. and about that. ideologically they did not like the idea of the federal government. protect thet very about the basic social safety net that had been structured. host: president obama yesterday talking about gridlock -- gridlock in washington. what do you think? 585 881.ns 202, independence and all others, the opinion section of the usa today newspaper, five ways to reduce hyper partisanship. washington has become a place can end ag a squish career -- then they say -- host: larry in hernando, mississippi. democratic caller. caller: i would like to make three points. i just watched the president and agreed with everything he said. my second point is a lot of of people are not free -- remembering what the republican set. even if it is their own ideas. tom price of georgia and mike lee of georgia on tape saying in to shut down.t that is a fact. not bring them up and do not show them on the tape saying it. i am so angry with democrats, i do not know what to do. aboutwhat do you think the idea that gridlock in washington does not reflect the division and our country outside of washing
? guest: doing well. caller: i hope this is not as bad as medicare part d. medicare part d. i had a good plan through my company. said youeled it and could get the government plan. i said this is a lot worse than what i got. i went to the v.a. every medicine there was higher than i could get any egg box store. store. big box is your plan, replacing the replacing this obamacare. guest: you said you're with the v.a. plan. that is not medicare part d. you are limited to the list of medications you can take. of big-boxd is a lot stores began to offer medications like antibiotics for free or at huge discounts, to get you in the door. you mentioned medicare part d. saw thattary of hhs there were problems and he told drugstores fill the prescription and we will take care of this later. they ran several tests along the way. some people were dual eligible. just fill the prescription and we will take care of that. that was not a lapse that occurred. here we have a huge problem that is not fixed yet. the website may be fixed. what is not going to be fixed are the prices people will be paying. peopl
? and the other part is, i wish that c-span would ask people whether or not they have medicaid, medicare, whether or not -- or if they don't have insurance at all. everybody gets sick or everybody has an accident one way or the other. who pays that? one last comment, when i went to the hospital -- i am sorry, you are breaking up, i have got to let you go. but we are doing here on the "washington journal" a partnership with kaiser health news taking a look at the affordable care act, and we have divided our lines just that way, over the time of our partnership, whether you are insured or not insured to talk about the affordable care act. rufus and adrian, michigan, independent caller. caller: hi, how are you? host: good morning. caller: thank you for the opportunity to speak about the affordable care act and president clinton's comments. i agree with president clinton regarding changes that need to be made to the affordable health care. the reason i agree with him is aat what has happened is that legislation was passed, which is the aca, and was made uniform when wehe united states have each indiv
debt, two thirds of the budget is medicare, medicaid, and social security. is and where the money that is where we going to make progress in the future. host: we will go to carl in chicago, illinois on our line for democrats. caller: good morning. you are just saying something about a balance between spending and revenue. i think you have it wrong. this is where the problem is. in 2000, we had a balanced budget. republicans chose to take all of the surplus and have tax cuts. they say that we could have a war. they said it would not cost us a dime. it cost us $1 trillion. then we also had the recession. americans lost three percent of their net worth. we lost gdp. this probably comes to maybe about a couple trillion dollars. this is not about the entitlements. not that they cannot be reforms. our principal problem is because we did not raise the taxes to pay for these things. it is not because we were spending too much. you cannot buy a yacht and take six months off of work. those were not the problems. the problem is that the republicans took money and do not want to acknowledge i
from medicare, medicaid, or their own employer. so eight out of 10 americans are not being affected at all by this discussion we're having. the affordable care act and the website is designed to help the 15% of the population that is currently uninsured, and 5% of the population who buys individual insurance policies. that is what this is about. when you hear about glitches in this website and some of the concerns with which providers are on the site and which ones are not, all americans think this is affecting me. eight out of 10 americans see no effect from this. seniors on medicare, the only effect of the affordable care act is to close the donut hole for them and give them free preventative health services. what i see in my hometown in pittsburgh and what i hear from constituents all over is this anxietyexciting -- about what is going on with the website, how it affects them personally. eight out of 10 americans will not be affected by this. the date for a relaunch for what do you think about the deadline? guest: i think the website gets approved every day. the g
programs like medicare part d come and the massachusetts help reform that was obamacare's predecessor. most people tend to sign up for coverage closer deadlines, so that is what the administration hopes will vindicate them after the first month, which did not go well. host: but if the deadline is not until march, why were expectations so high to begin with? people do not have to sign up until later. guest: that is right here at march is a key deadline because it is obviously the end of a six-month enrollment period. the other date is december 15, which is when people choose plans if they want them to kick in in january. there are a lot of people losing their coverage right now and they're going to want to remain insured, and for them, the middle of december is the crucial deadline. the reason that that is tough for the administration is it comes only two weeks after the deadline, where they say they're going to have the website fix, which is the end of this month, so if they cannot have up and running, functioning enough for millions of people to actually buy their health pla
will get straightened out. sees -- i livec in indiana. i am 68 years old. i am on medicare and i have a policy to take up the slack and my premiums actually went down. i think this will be a good thing before the november 14 election. this will be worked out. see thatk people will this is a good thing. will get some turnaround in the house where we will have not gridlock all the time. -- not great locked all the time. host: jim says on twitter next -- in a different interview, retweets -- we are taking calls just from democrats this morning. we have a question just for republicans on tomorrow's washington journal. talking tog we are democrats only. are you concerned about the affordable care act and whether it is going to hurt the party in -- or 2016? he e has this piece -- that bill will let companies continue to offer insurance plans that would otherwise be canceled under the law. the house will likely be a focal point of the week and a potential embarrassment for obama as several democrats are likely to support that measure." the story goes on to note, "senate democrats have introd
in the proper way. the medicare part d with george bush, that was a disaster. when you consider -- insurance companies cancel policies all the time. they have jumped insurance. ash jumped insurance. surance.have junk in the affordable care act is supposed to bring the insurance companies up to code. he did not want to do that because they oppose obamacare in the first place. if you are counseling -- canceling your policy before the the act came around, they chose not to do it so you end up canceling those policies. don'tsurance companies want to bring it up to code because they are losing money. insurance is all about money anyway. he is not misleading anybody. the insurance companies understand how this works. the president is saying -- is not saying we are going to cancel millions of americans is policies, that was on the insurance companies. host: thank you. on our facebook page has this comment -- gene is joining us from washington state on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am on disability and medicaid in washington state. i was forced to last november to choo
and talked about this is socialist and communist. bob sounded like he is collecting medicare, so that is a socialized program and i was wondering if he would want to be cut off of that. we will have george follow up with you. they passed a disclosure act that would open up a lot of the money that is influencing elections. seen justate you have this year, a very incrementalist narrow gun control bill which would institute universal background checks and close the gun show loophole and that died in the senate. these are some of the things that would get through, it might take longer but you would not need a super majority to get through. caller: bob made some inaccurate comments. but i havee great asked c-span to have former bush administration people on. he was a former middle east analyst and she is directly negotiated with iran. how iran a lot about has signed the treaty in israel hasn't. massives sitting on up stockpile of weapons will not sign the npt. by and haveo abide the right to air in rich -- enrich uranium. i wish you would have a program about those who have signed the
have to sign up for medicare. your employer don't take care of you. should be that, they there for you like you were there for them. in this country anymore. that is what i would like to say. there is a lot more i would like to say, i just think america should wake up and know they are being lied to. randy and belvidere, illinois. want to take you to another headline making headlines -- going out to more of your calls on our topic this morning. should immigration reform be a top priority? tom on the line for independent. good morning. how are you doing today? thank you for c-span. i would like to let the country know there are thousands and thousands of jobs on the eastern end of long island, it is just they are being taken and still invite you illegal aliens. the unemployment rate would be a lot lower if you legal immigration was stopped and people were deported like they should be. a got amnesty in 1986. they will not get it in 2014. amnesty equal civil war, and that is the bottom line. next up on the line for independence. laws on theave books for immigration and things like that. t
group is paying into a system, social security and medicare which everyone knows they will never see in the present form. it will be a much greater form. now they're being asked to pay a tax which it is on obama care to make obama care work. when will that age group wake up and realize they're getting the short end of the stick and how will that affect the 2014 and possibly the general population of the election in 2016? >> thank you. >> the second caller directly related to the affordable care act and the impact next year. >> well, clay, first of all, i was in meterie a week ago. a week ago today. >> let me approach it two ways. one more is a security point. i've talked about medicare and secondly, young people, how have the experts, left, right, middle, down the middle, agree that social security is not that hard a fix. that you could raise the income cap a little bit, raise the retirement age a year or two. there are small things that could be done to fix social security for another generation or two. social security is not really the tough one. medicare, medicaid, those are the r
thing with medicare. he frequently said he could never have gotten medicare theed without the help of senate majority leader who was a republican. obama, instead, chose to cram this down our throats, not one republican participated in it or it must democrats did not participate in it. whatever happened to the president's pledge when he was running for president the first time, to put all bills on the internet three days prior to a vote so we could all read them and try and understand them? he has dropped the ball there, he lied to us, i'm afraid and i don't believe the man is telling us the truth about much of anything. he doesn't care what we think about it or what our ideas might be. out: even asterisk him is "theese items, here washington post" looking at how the states are faring. they do highlight this 80,000 number in california heard they highlight some other issues as well. still, it says california's major challenges to address its goal of wanting to enroll 1.2 million people. the first month of enrollment was dominated by older people. new delays being announced. one will
changes in benefit programs, such as medicare. that leaves a small set of elements on the table for a deal, which would set a ending level for the rest of the fiscal year and modestly reduce the across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration that will hit in january. to replace the sequestered cuts, officials said lawmakers are looking at increasing airport security fees, cutting costs in federal employee retirement programs and drawing on revenue from the auction of broadband spectrum. democrats want to count savings from program changes and a farm bill, which is being negotiated in a separate process to offset sequestered cuts. republicans say the savings should go to general deficit reduction. negotiators may try to come to a deal that covers the current and following fiscal years when the cuts our deepest. brian, leominster, massachusetts on our republican line. we are talking about job in security in the u.s. our problem is we need to be more like china. china will not let you bring your country unless you made it there. we need to start making stuff in this country. understand
the washington post this morning, medicare topps plans in tallies of new sign-ups. take rush of people are applying for an expansion of medicaid. there's a trickle of sign-ups for new insurance. the survey of ballots found that nine out of 10 enrollees and medicaid have taken some experts by surprise. the affordable care act covered millions of the poorest americans who could not afford insurance. there was a more even split with a robust private market. when we first told the numbers, everyone's eyes bugged out. of the people walking through the door, 90% are on medicaid. what planet is this happening on? in theve a chart washington post about this. it shows some states and the difference in the sign-ups. maryland, 82,004 hundred 73 people signed up for medicaid while 3186 have signed up for the private insurance plans. you can see the charts go through here. here is washington state. linda, mississippi, democratic line. good morning. what is your top story of the week? caller: affordable health care. host: all right. caller: i think it is going to be all right. i have worked all of m
infection rates and work closely with the center for medicare and medicaid services and are part of the hospital system that is there. we have a system called the national health care safety network or nhsn and virtually every hospital in the country now uses that. we've seen progress in some areas but not nearly enough progress in others. and we've worked with state governments, with hospital oceans -- associations, with doctors, professional societies to figure out how we can better prevent, detect and respond to hospital infections because far too many are occurring. it's been sfimented -- estimated there are about 100,000 deaths in hospitals each year and many are preventable. we need to do better at preventing them. host: mary in floral city, florida, good morning. you're on with dr. thomas frieden, director at the centers for distress control. caller: good morning. i'd like to ask the doctor, have they ever done a study on smoking and chemicals that people use? host: mary, why do you ask that question? are you a smoker? caller: yes, i am. host: lou long have you smoked? cal
. the administrator of the center for medicare and medicaid services plans to tell the senate health education and pensions committee that is slowly improving. committee chairman, senator tom harkin's, says he wants straight answers to questions on when will be working, why testing wasn't done, and why the severity of the problems were not foreseen. watch live coverage of the hearing on c-span or listen to it on c-span radio. it all begins at 10 a.m. eastern time. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> amy was from a well-to-do family of all daughters. fromve her report card denver, colorado. english, shen actually got a c minus in european history. who knew that in later years, as a military wife and future first 80, she would be so well traveled and have some much to do with european history. she loved charms. early on ike bought her this armyall charm, showing the and navy game scores of 1913 to 1914 when i was coach for the army football team. tookmilitary wife, she great pride in creating a home for ike in each of the 36 different places t
d.003, medicare there are many good reasons why conservatives might reject republican party in 2003. bill frist is not in the senate anymore. dentist has to do is not there and george w. bush is not there. in the couple of years, you have elected this incredible crop from marco rubio to rand paul and susanna martinez and chris christie. there is so many exciting things happening. i don't get why now there is this resentment. maybe they won't be happy until mitch mcconnell and john banner will be gone. i'm not sure but why not have senator pat twomey and kelly ayotte and this new crop of conservatives -- why not give them a chance to get things done? it seems they are being labeled the establishment now, two. why should they pay? 10 years ago, republican was a bad thing but maybe move past that. host: i want to show our viewers the female vote in the new jersey race to compare. for chris vote christie, 57% compared to his female opponent who garnered 42% of the female vote in that state. guest: absolutely, chris christie had a great night. clearlyg to learn is you can be a conservat
thing i said about medicare and social security. you have to give things a chance. the only way is going to work. thet doesn't, i will be first to say didn't work. but this man gets no support from nobody. nobody because there is hatred. thank you. and from milwaukee, wisconsin, democrats line. caller: i just want to make a comment and say that i think the health care bill did not go far enough. i think we should have fought for the public option when they try to pass a bill. things would have been much better and people would have had more options to choose with insurance companies. when obama gets everything worked out, this is a good bill. he would to be patient and remember, republicans have not offered us anything else but the same. for theit was time insurance companies to be regulated. he said republicans and offer anything but what about this from fred upton? caller: yeah, but that is a continuation of insurance companies not being regulated. if people want the same plans and those insurance companies have no regulations, then fine. but that is only temporary fix. obama has tried
of it is going to be turned over to hewlett-packard. -- the center for medicaid and medicare services are replacing data center services from verizon communication with services from hewlett-packard. mark's data center experienced issues in late october that caused outages across the system. another story that talks about the website" it white house -- talksanonymously about the white house and it quotes a white house official anonymously. allies,use asked including enrollment are good, the service employees international union and land use the site not so they can install a new address times when demand exceeds the sites capacity. this comes up as the november 30 takes place this saturday. thank you means a time to talk politics. this is sandra. she is on our independent line. caller: hello. of ank it is a little bit disgrace to ask the american people to do with the be, toent's work should do it for them. it is disgraceful to ask the american people to discuss the health care business on their greatest holiday. this is our country. the liberties we have here, nobody has it anyplace
not being collected on it, and then when you consider the social security and medicare payroll taxes are also not connected -- collected on employer-provided health insurance. that is another big pot of money as well. so, yes, when you talk about where is the money really going to that you could actually change things in order to be able to bring the rates down, you are talking about the provisions that people really use. it almost has to be, right? if there is going to be big money therefore changing it, by definition it has to be a big provision that millions of people are using. if nobody without they're really using it, if it was only a couple of people, it would not be enough money to really compass anything on the right side. host: one more call for our guest. pixie from washington say, democrats lied heard caller: -- line. you are on, go ahead. caller: 20 years ago, i worked for a japanese plant that move there, and they said for the first five years, they did not have to pay taxes. yet they boasted that the first like, $5 billion on their product. come -- if they're going to
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